ASF Dialogue: Living Heritage



27 July 2019, 13:00 – 17:00 “Living with Heritage” is looking at how to balance various aspects of architectural practice at urban heritage context, while embracing the idea of social inclusion and participation, in bringing consciousness on the social and economic sustainability.

EXHIBITION 26 – 28 July 2019, 11.00 – 18.00

Display of ASF-International members’ work along with entries for ASF AWARDS.

Venue: Monod Diephuis Jl Kepodang, Kota Lama, Semarang. PROGRAM First Panel Presentation (starts at 13:00) 13:15 – SOCIAL MEDIA AND HERITAGE AWARENESS. THE CASE STUDY OF FACEBOOK GROUP BANGUNAN KOLONIAL KOTA-KOTA INDONESIA – Ryzki Wiryawan. Universitas Ma’soem 13:30 – INTEGRATED STRATEGIC PROGRAM TO REVITALISE ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE AS AN  EFFORT TO SHAPE THE IDENTITY OF MALANG CITY – Abidzar Al Ghifari, Annisaa Windahasanah, Alaa’ Geis Junaid Bawazier. Universitas Brawijaya 13.45 – LIVING IN THE INDONESIA RAILWAY HERITAGE BUILDING – Ratri Septina Saraswati. Universitas PGRI 14:00 – PRESERVATION DIRECTION OF THE KOTA LAMA SEMARANG AS LIVING HERITAGE – E.J. Isworo, R. Kurniati, N.S. Ristianti, and R.C. Prihestiwi. Universitas Diponegoro 14:15 – RECONSTRUCTING KUNIR – Amelia Mega and Syadza Syarifah. ASF-Indonesia 14:30 – First Roundtable (Host: Tjahjono Rahardjo) Guests: Beta Marhendriyanto* (Head of Division, Dept. of Building Utilisation, Municipality of Semarang), Agus Suryo Winoto* (heritage building owner) Second Panel Presentation (starts at 15:30) 15:45 – HERITAGE AS COMMON OBJECT: THE LAVA’BLAH PROJECT IN MARSEILLE – Marcel Ruchon. ASF-FRANCE 16:00 – UNDERSTANDING HERITAGE AS A SYSTEM AND PROCESS THAT BELONGS TO LOCAL COMMUNITIES – Lígia Nunes & João Palla Martins. Arquitectos Sem Fronteiras Portugal 16:15 – EDUCATION AGAINST ALL ODDS – Achyut Siddu. Arkitekter Utan Gränser (ASF-SWEDEN) 16:30 – NEPAL RECONSTRUCTION. PRESERVING LOCAL CULTURE Pawan Shrestha. ASF-NEPAL 16:45 – ANTANANARIVO – Hendrik Bloem Architecten Zonder Grenzen Belgium 17:15 – Second Roundtable and Concluding Remarks. Guests: Ahmad Djuhara (President, Indonesian Institute of Architects), Lígia Nunes (Chair, ASF-International) Architecture Sans Frontières International – Architecture Sans Frontières Indonesia