Symposium Formal-[In]formal


“Symposium Formal-[In]formal”

In high density residential area like Central Jakarta, kampungs are often considered as slums. We might have heard the idea of “formalizing informal settlements.” Some said that the fact is, through informality, kampungs may have been independently and organically growing.

What do “formalizing informal settlements” means? The term “formal-informal” is being questioned in this sense. How do we consider formal-[in]formal?

This symposium is part of JKTWS2016. Together with experts, speakers and moderators from USA, Japan, and Indonesia, we will rethink and redefine again formal-[in]formal from different point of views and approaches.

Thursday | 18-8-2016 | 14:00-17:00 | Dia.Lo.Gue | Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya 99A | Jakarta Selatan

Hajime Ishikawa – Keio University
Sergio Palleroni, BASIC
Akiko Okabe, University of Tokyo
Kenya Endo, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
Brahmastyo Puji, ASF-ID

Ahmad Djuhara, IAI

Tomohiko Amemiya, UNITYDESIGN

Opening Remarks:
Evawani Ellisa & Rini Suryantini, Universitas Indonesia

Registration: 0852-1702-3606 (Inesa) or 0815-8550-5614 (Annisa). Organized by: The University of Tokyo, Universitas Indonesia, Chiba University, and Keio University. Supported by: Nippon Paint and Dia.Lo.Gue.


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