Jörg Stamm: Bamboo Without Borders

Bamboo Without Borders
Bamboo Without Borders

It has been a while since bamboo returns into architecture scene. There are more and more bamboo architecture and constructions going on today in various projects driven by dedicated builders, engineers, architects, and even experimental student projects. These are justified through the common fascination to the marvelous plant. Still, there are many loopholes along the course of securing bamboo construction with its fundamentals and minimum safety standards. How does an internationally-renown expert see these experiences? We will look into case studies and comments from grandmaster Jörg Stamm.

Jörg Stamm is a German bamboo expert known for his impressive long-span bamboo bridges. He began his career after he visited Colombia and fell in love with their local bamboo Guadua. This led him to seek more knowledge about efficient methods in bamboo construction and to participate in practical work experiences all over the world. With his masterful way of integrating traditional craft and innovative engineering, Jörg Stamm has earned international recognition for his bamboo structures. He is now a multi-lingual speaker that conducts seminars and hands-on bamboo workshops.

  • Host: Dr. Andry Widyowijatnoko
  • Time: Saturday, July 22, 2017, 9:00 – 12:00 WIB
  • Venue: Galeri Arsitektur ITB , Jl. Ganesha No.10, Bandung

Contribution: IDR 150k (standard), IDR 120k (IAI members), IDR 50k (students) by transfer to Bank Mandiri acc. 130.00.14654670 (Arsitektur Swadaya dan Fasilitasi) and send payment details to home@asf.or.id or 0896-2257-8780 (Amel), 0821-3840-7751 (Fathin). Each participant will receive a certificate. IAI members will receive 4 KUM.

Bambu tanpa Batas
Bambu tanpa Batas

Organised by Architecture Sans Frontières Indonesia and Architecture Dept. at Bandung Institute of Technology, with supports from Indonesian Institute of Architects – West Java Chapter. #BwoB #JörgStamm #asfid


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